BlueLogic Enterprise Sdn Bhd was established in 2004 with its business focus in the telecommunication market. The company business is divided into 2 division; Consumer Product Division and Wireless Solution Division.

BlueLogic Consumer Product Division core business focuses in the distribution of Bluetooth Wireless peripherals. In 2004, the company secured the distribution rights to market and distribute STEP Communications Corporation, USA products under the brand name “STEP” in Malaysia.

STEP’s products are very distinctive in it’s own way. Each product is design to bring comfort and style to the wearer. It’s “all-day-wear” philosophy enable consumer to enjoy technology and comfort to the
highest level.

In terms of technology, Step’s proprietary “Acoustic Bubble Technology”, “Dynamic Noise Removal Technology, DyNR” (click in to sound technology demo), “Vector Noise Cancelling, VeNC” are developed to ensure excellent sound quality is bring forth into the products.

Bluelogic Wireless Solution Division focuses in the supplies of wireless solution for the telecommunication industry. Our brand name, SFL high performance wireless antennas include a wide selection of directional parabolic antenna, patch antennas, panel antennas, mobile antennas and rubber duck antennas. With a strong technical support from our principal, our aim is to bring cost effective solutions for today’s demanding wireless application. SFL antennas offer a good combination of high performance, durability and cost effective antenna solutions for the local telecommunication industry.