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Adjusting your headset for maximum comfort
Everyone’s ear is shaped slightly different and is unique to their physical characteristics. The neck and ear bud of your STEP 1150 can be adjusted to your ear for maximum comfort and sound clarity. To assure that the sound is delivered directly to your ear canal, you may wish to rotate the ear bud slightly up or down to position the opening so that it points towards the opening to your ear canal. You can also adjust the fit of your headset by gently forming or bending the neck of the unit so that it is placed deeper into your ear. Remember though, that the Step 1150 was designed to deliver clear sound without blocking your ear, and thereby removing surrounding natural sounds. This allows you to carry on conversations both on the phone and in person, as well as hear surrounding sounds.
Preparing to wear your headset
Your STEP 1150 can be wear either your right or left ear. The unit is set up at the factory use on your left ear. Your wish to wear the headset on you right ear, change the orientation of the ear bud as follows:

Gently grasp the headset as shown, and with your other hand rotate the ear bud clockwise or counter-clockwise approximately 180 o to the other side, orienting the eat bud for the preferred ear.
Forming the neck of your headset
The neck of your STEP 1150TM can be positioned or bent to conform to the shape of your ear to provide maximum comfort and sound delivery.

Hold the headset as shown and gently bend the neck to place the ear bud in a comfortable depth to you’re your ear.

Caution: over adjust the neck will cause the neck to break and will void the warranty
Putting on the headset
When putting on the headset, first place the ear bud at the entrance of your ear, with the ‘body’ of the headset slightly above your ear.
Gently place the body of the headset behind your ear using a slight rotational motion as shown in the diagram.